Atlanta Headshots: What to Look For

Atlanta headshotsSomeone Whose Style you Like

Probably the most important aspect of finding an Atlanta headshot photographer is finding a photographers whose style you enjoy. There are a lot of companies who supply very commercial/cookie cutter options, but someone who specializes in headshots can maintain that professional aesthetic while injecting subtle cues that make your resume stand out in a stack of applications. Check out that photographers website and really spend time picking one that you feel fits your style and makes you the most marketable candidate possible. This is a good way to explain to your photographer which images you’d like to personally emulate too!


You get what you pay for is a fair indication when it comes to shopping for an Atlanta headshot photographer. Your Facebook friend may be able to do a decent job for $75, but if you’re using these photos for applications, you want to put your best foot forward. There’s no set zone to say as packages vary wildly company to company, but your conversation with your photographer should explain those details clearly. If the photographer seems to be reluctant to explain pricing or is possibly hiding fees, run for the hills!

Does the photographer have experience photographing people who look like you?

Atlanta headshotsSome cities have a condensed demographic, but for an Atlanta headshot session where our city is a thorough mixture of culture, a little diversity should be expected. As a professional working in this field, I can note that there are notable differences between editing an olive skinned individual vs a caucasians’. Amateurs frequently add too much yellow to African American’s skin, for instance, so these are some of the warning signs to look out for and avoid!

Does the photographer have experience photographing people in your field?

When choosing where to get your headshots done in Atlanta, finding someone who has experience photographing people in your industry can be a good place to start. Now, there’s an infinite amount of job types out there, but so long as there’s something remotely comparable, you can get a good idea as to what you’re getting into. Ex – a chiropractor’s session could be compared to a nurse’s headshots.

Online Reviews

One of the best ways to see what people really think about their experience with a photographer is by their online reviews. A reputable company will have a Google listing that will allow you to see all the unfiltered thoughts on the process. DO check these out before booking your headshot session.

How responsive are they via email/call?

At Lola Land Photography, we respond to all emails and phone calls within 24hrs. Obviously, life happens and sometimes there is a slight delay, but the photographer’s response time is a good indication of how your interaction will be through the booking and shooting of your headshots. Say you have a concern come up three days before your shoot, it’s vital that the photographer is able to address that concern before it’s too last minute to manage.